Chesterfield and Surrounding Counties, VA


     One day each of us will awaken to our next beginning and thoughts of why our life has meaning. One of the most powerful days of my life was when God opened my eyes and revealed why I had been tried for so many years. He revealed why I was allowed to endure several counts of sexual assault; why I suffered with depression and low self-esteem; the purpose behind me repeatedly being in unhealthy, unstable and abusive relationships; and why I am now raising 2 kids on my own while having never been married. God revealed to me that our lives are not merely for us, but for those coming 

  behind us who are lost and may not be equipped to conquer their demons alone.

     Love Yourself was conceived when I was raped; the moment my innocence was stripped from me; the day thoughts of I am ugly were embedded in my mind. It continued to develop as I went from house to house, never quite fitting in and the countless relationships entered into based solely on physical and sexual attributes. Love Yourself started over 20yrs ago, but its manifestation did not occur until I broke my silence and proclaimed that God would reap the glory for my life, this movement and this organization!